The Ten Best Fried Chickens in NYC

Among iconic American foodstuffs, fried chicken has the ability to generate a particular patriotic zeal, and Southerners are by far the most vocal (rightfully so). The dish has a dark past: The beloved cooking technique was introduced to this country by people who found themselves cooking here through no choice of their own. Today the bird is a true art form, and the best examples of the genre are positively addictive, a singular organism of skin and meat fused by hot fat. It’s a food that deserves its global stage — excellent variations come by way of Asia and South America — though Southern styles are most prevalent in NYC. Here are the ten best, delicious on National Fried Chicken Day (July 6) or any other day.

2. Root & Bone, 200 East 3rd Street

Chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth fry up some truly flavorful chickens, brined in sweet tea for more than a day to lend the meat a succulent, sweet background note. Split into eight pieces, a whole bird easily feeds four, its greaseless crust dusted with dehydrated lemon powder, the perfect foil for all that crackled fat. Douse it in Tabasco honey or try it inside a waffle sandwich (pictured) to really gild that Southern lily. The small space fills up quickly, so here’s a pro-tip: You can order fried chicken and munch on it while you wait for a table.

Pat Nunnari